Corporate Membership

We have a very simple application process. Please complete the form below and submit. When we have received it, our secretariat will contact you, in order to confirm all your details and issue you with an order to sign. Once your company is a member, we will provide you with a membership certificate, the ICPFM logos to place on your website and your company details will be added onto the ICPFM Corporate membership directory.

Membership of the ICPFM is for companies and individuals.

The ICPFM Corporate offers two grades of membership - Gold and Silver.

Gold Member: N200, 000 pa.

Sliver Member: N100, 000 pa (for small companies of less than10 people).

The more you get involved with the ICPFM, the more you will get back - but our basic benefits alone make the business case for joining a compelling one.

Full Member

To attain Full Membership of the Institute, you need to have a specific combination of qualifications and experience, including five years on the job or at a senior level. You will have full access to all membership benefits.

Status and Recognition

Becoming a Member of The Institute of Contract, Project and Facility Management means joining an recognised network of professionals. In order for membership to be recognised and meaningful, candidates have to fulfil specific criteria for each grade of membership.

Associate Membership

This first grade of full ICPFM membership requires you to have certain qualifications and experience to attain. It offers full access to all membership benefits.

StatusĀ & Recognition

Becoming Associate Member of The Institute of Contract, Project and Facility Management means joining a recognised network of professionals. In order for membership to be recognised and meaningful, candidates have to fulfill certain criteria.

So, attaining Associate status does require some form-filling and proof of qualifications and experience, but if it didn't, it wouldn't offer much kudos because anyone could be a member.

For upgrading - to the grade of Associate you should hold: the Institute Professional Diploma, or exempting qualification, plus three years' relevant work experience, in Contract Management, Project Management and Facility Management.

Affiliate Membership

Offers you instant access to most of the benefits of membership, without the hassle of a full application. You will receive all membership benefits, except voting rights, designatory letters after your name and access to parts of The Knowledge Bank.

Instant membership (Student Membership)

Student Membership is available to students in full or part-time study in the sector (for the year in which they seek membership) who wish to be involved with the Institute. Students can attend ICPFM free of charge Member CPD events and have access to the e-library resources in the Members' area.

Student Membership Fee:

Application Form: N5,000.00
Registration Fee: N5,000.00
Annual Subscription N2,000.00
Student ID Card: N500.00



Applicants seeking this category of membership should complete the student membership application form and submit to the Institute via e-mail. Your application will go before our Membership Committee and Governing Council.

Existing Member Upgrade

Members wishing to upgrade their membership should chose from the list below and download the relevant quick guide. Each quick guide has instructions on what forms and procedures to follow.

Membership Categories Upgrade Fee

Student to Affiliate Member Nil

Affiliate to Associate Member N10,000

Associate to full Member N20,000

Full Member to Fellow N20,000


"The reasonable man adopts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself".

-- George Bernard Shaw, co-founder of The London School of Economics


Facilities Management is a profession charged to provide organizations with an appropriate built environment. Facilities Managers represent an organization

Facilities Managers come from a wide range of backgrounds. A career in Facilities Management can start with a first degree in Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Real Estate or Engineering, but many of our students come from entirely different fields, such as Management, Finance, the Humanities, Psychology and others. Our students often have a strong passion for the industry of their choice: Our graduates manage Facilities for Fashion Designers, Businesses, Hotels, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Residences or Non-Profits, Transportation Systems or Government agencies.

Every company and organization has a Facilities Management function. Depending on the industry type and the size of the organization, this function may be labeled differently.

ICPFM Certification is an independent assessment of your professional practice as a person operating in the field of contract management, project management and/or facilities management. It is a form of industry recognition that you are operating in a professional manner. An ICPFM certification is awarded by the Governing Council on the recommendation of any member of the Institute.

Only members of the Institute may apply for ACPFM certification. ACPFM certifications are available at a range of levels to reflect the typical career development and progression of contract management, project management and/or facilities management professionals in Africa. The ACPFM, MCPFM and FCPFM certification levels are practitioner, manger and executive. Details of the requirements for each level of certification can be found on this web site.

Membership of the ACPFM is open to anyone who has an interest in contract management, project management and/or facilities management in Africa. All members receive the range of member benefits outlines on this web site. Members may hold membership at a particular grade that is appropriate to their professional circumstances. The ICPFM membership grades are Student, Affiliate, Associate, Full Member and Fellow. Only graduate members or higher may apply for an ICPFM certification.

If you are a paid up member of ICPFM you may use the following post

  • Associate may use the designation ACPFM
  • Full Member may use the designation MCPFM
  • Fellows may use the designation ACPFM

Associate Fellows may use the designation ACPFM and you could also use and of the following:

  • Certified Contract Management Professional (CCMP)
  • Certified Project Management Professional (CPMP)
  • Certified Facilities Management Professional (CFMP)

Simply complete the upgrade application form and attach a certified copy of your previous qualifications, with the payment of application fee for upgrading of your membership.

This grade of membership aims to recognise people who have made a significant contribution to the field of contract management, project management and/or facilities management. Fellow Member must meet all the following requirements:

  • All requirements for Full Member
  • At least 10 years of contract management, project management and/or facilities management experience
  • Contributed or operating in the field of contract management, project management and/or facilities management profession in some significant way (eg. publishing articles, acting as a industry mentor, trainer, progressing organisational initiatives, involved in arranging a procurement forum, presenter at forum or conference etc)

You will need to complete an application form and provide evidence to support your contribution to the profession.

Eligibility for award of this grade of membership is determined by a standing FCPFM committee. There is an application fee for upgrading your membership.

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