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Will ICPFM recognise a University qualification as meeting the qualification requirement?

ICPFM will immediately recognise your university qualifications if they are directly related to contract, project and facilities management: eg

a. HND/BBA/B.Sc/Masters in Contract/Project/ Facilities / Production/Operations/Procurement/ Purchasing and Supply Chain Management).
b. HND/BBA/B.Sc/Masters degree with honours with following specialism:

Cost Engineering, Construction Law, Estate Management, Contract Management, Estimating, Facilities Management, Geospatial Engineering, Hydrographic Surveying, Land Engineering Surveying, Project Management and Quantity Surveying & Construction, Property Management, Electrical

Repair and Maintenance, Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Precision Metal Working, Vehicle Repair and Maintenance.
If your university qualifications are more general (eg Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business, Graduate Certificate in Management, Bachelor of Engineering etc), then they may also contribute towards meeting qualification requirements.

Will ICPFM recognise relevant courses as meeting the qualification requirement?

Probably, however, you will also need to hold a relevant qualification. Depending on exactly what your relevant qualifications are and how they map to the ICPFM qualifications, you are highly likely to be accepted under the Recognition of Prior Learning for at least some, if not all, of the relevant qualification without needing to do any further study.

If you are in this situation, we encourage you to provide copies of your relevant certificates or qualifications, showing the subjects you have studied, to our representatives, so that s/he can determine the equivalence of your qualifications.

I already have relevant qualifications. Why get an ICPFM certification?

An ICPFM certification is issued by the Institute in recognition of a person


Facilities Management is a profession charged to provide organizations with an appropriate built environment. Facilities Managers represent an organization

Facilities Managers come from a wide range of backgrounds. A career in Facilities Management can start with a first degree in Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Real Estate or Engineering, but many of our students come from entirely different fields, such as Management, Finance, the Humanities, Psychology and others. Our students often have a strong passion for the industry of their choice: Our graduates manage Facilities for Fashion Designers, Businesses, Hotels, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Residences or Non-Profits, Transportation Systems or Government agencies.

Every company and organization has a Facilities Management function. Depending on the industry type and the size of the organization, this function may be labeled differently, such as

ICPFM Certification is an independent assessment of your professional practice as a person operating in the field of contract management, project management and/or facilities management. It is a form of industry recognition that you are operating in a professional manner. An ICPFM certification is awarded by the Governing Council on the recommendation of any member of the Institute.

Only members of the Institute may apply for ACPFM certification. ACPFM certifications are available at a range of levels to reflect the typical career development and progression of contract management, project management and/or facilities management professionals in Africa. The ACPFM, MCPFM and FCPFM certification levels are practitioner, manger and executive. Details of the requirements for each level of certification can be found on this web site.

Membership of the ACPFM is open to anyone who has an interest in contract management, project management and/or facilities management in Africa. All members receive the range of member benefits outlines on this web site. Members may hold membership at a particular grade that is appropriate to their professional circumstances. The ICPFM membership grades are Student, Affiliate, Associate, Full Member and Fellow. Only graduate members or higher may apply for an ICPFM certification.

If you are a paid up member of ICPFM you may use the following post

  • Associate may use the designation ACPFM
  • Full Member may use the designation MCPFM
  • Fellows may use the designation ACPFM

Associate Fellows may use the designation ACPFM and you could also use and of the following:

  • Certified Contract Management Professional (CCMP)
  • Certified Project Management Professional (CPMP)
  • Certified Facilities Management Professional (CFMP)

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